going the extra mile for your success – tested and tried since over 20 years

Networking at all levels, official, governmental, institutional and economical

  • finding partners on all aforementioned levels
  • cross checking your partners and assessing their chances and risks for you
  • managing your “guanxi” in China – your network for smooth operations and quick trouble shooting

As your loyal partner I find your core network partners and connect them to a powerful web. It does not matter if you just plan to go to China or are there since many years. Networks can always be optimized! Results can always be improved!

Having grown up in China I was witness to its rise from the bottom to a developing country. I took part in its rise from absolute poverty to being a respected and respectful partner of the world.

I studied law in Southern Chinas Guandong province, the powerhouse with famous cities like Hong Kong and Shenzhen in it.

During 2 decades in business I consulted leading (stock listed) German and Chinese companies as I early on lived in both places and learned the German culture from within.

Recently I provided interim business development management for the worldmarket leader (stock listed) in Germany and worked as Chief Market Advisor of a Joint Venture.

Upon request I can show you references, one very recent quote by the CEO of a stocklisted German Group:

“We came to know Ms. Gu Rong as … commendably loyal, consistently reliable and completely conscientious …. She distinguished herself through her independent and resolute working approach, which was marked by exceptional motivation and personal initiative”.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely!

Rong Gu
E mail: gurongchina@hotmail.com